Who am I ?


Born and raised in Strasbourg, passionate about history, gastronomy and all kinds of arts, I decided to dedicate my professional life to guided tours.

I took a degree in Strasbourg University to become a professional tour guide in 2015 and immediately started guiding after I passed the exams. 

After a few months of practical training with school groups I have established different partnerships with tourism offices in order to interact with a wider audience such as families.

Now I also work for cruise companies.
This profession is such a continuous training : I learn from every single group I meet and I constantly develop new skills.  <

For this purpose I offer new visit thematics every year and I keep on training (oenology training at the beginning of the year 2018).

My passion is now a full time job as I make guided tours in English and in French. As a result I meet people coming from all parts of the world.